DatICE is software for monitoring production efficiency

Take the first step towards Industry 4.0. Stop sifting through a pile of data and paper logs. DatICE shows important real-time data of the entire production and connects to any machine in the factory and even outside it.

Easy as a mobile game

Evaluate the availability, performance, quality, and overall metrics of OEE. Comparison between lines and shifts. Everything in a clear environment without exports and manually created graphs. On a tablet, phone and PC. Connect from anywhere with a cloud solution.

Let's talk about the future

DatICE is ready for separate communication between individual machines (Machine-to-Machine-Connection). It removes all paper from your production, moving you to Industry 4.0 and predictive maintenance. It anticipates problems before they occur.

Installation easier than switching to Windows 10

In a few minutes, together we will create a list of key data that characterizes the machine's performance, the rhythm of your production and breaks for employees. Then we will choose the method of connection to your machines.

1. Direct connection to the PLC / PC controller

We can only do this if you have access to the SW of your machines. Our programmers will connect to the control system. We obtain all data without additional hardware - conveyor speed, drive temperatures, robot speeds, error messages and much more.

Deployment time: 1 - 2 weeks.

2. Addition of another PLC for data collection

If you do not have access to the source codes of your machine, we will add a dedicated PLC to it. We will connect it to existing sensors or add more. This detects typical states of the machine, from which it is possible to know whether the machine is in Automatic / Manual mode, how many products it has produced, what is the throughput and more.

Deployment time: 2 - 4 weeks.

3. Connection to an existing database

If you are already collecting data and need to visualize it and create statistics, we will connect directly to your database. This way it is not necessary to make any interventions in the machine.
Deployment time: 1 week.

Call the shoemaker after one week

Exactly such a time is enough to find out where the shoe is pushing you. In one day of measurement, you will see the results of the comparison between shifts and reveal unnecessary downtime. One week is enough to identify the causes of scrap, evaluate downtime and performance of individual machines. One month after installation, DatICE will provide you with sufficient information to optimize the line. You will have the right basis for strategic decisions aimed at maximizing OEE.

A suit tailored or made of ready-made clothing?

DatICE is built on modern technologies Microsoft Azure, Siemens Simatic, HTML5, MQTT. Thanks to this, it can operate a machine with a few signals as well as a production plant with thousands of collected values. We can also infinitely adjust it to suit you directly. This sets us apart from other systems, to which you have to adapt your production.

Where is the data stored?

Data is backed-up and stored geographically for disaster recovery according to plans tailored for each client. In the factory DatICE uses a data collector to buffer and store individual device data streams to the cloud ensuring no information is lost in case of power failure or other interruptions.

Quick deployment unit

DatICE is not only software and hardware. DatICE is a team of industrial automation experts who will help you analyze production data, and design and implement the solution.

What can be measured can be improved.

Because DatICE can be connected to everything it’s possible to measure and improve a lot. It connects to motion sensors, temperature and pressure sensors, vibration sensors, shows the status of drives in real time - speed, power, temperature, energy and media consumption, the results of production processes, downtime and their causes and the overall OEE of your production.

Crown for each system in production

Do you have so many systems that you can no longer even list them? And that is the problem. Who knows them and can read important data from them. Ideally, not at the end of the month, when you will not do anything at a loss. We can do it. We will connect to your existing systems and unify the information from them in one clear place.

We also understand robots

DatICE can connect directly to robots of various brands. Thanks to this, we know when your robots will need regular service from the manufacturer, or we will find out that the robot is wearing out prematurely. We can monitor the trend of all operating parameters of the robot, temperature, speed, cycle times and much more.