Make full use of the potential of your production

Measure and analyze the right data in real-time. Increase production efficiency and streamline processes.

DatICE is a solution created based on practical experience

We are ICE Industrial Services. We have implemented more than 600 automation projects in 30 countries.


We know how difficult it is to have an overview of the efficiency of individual machines and the entire plant at the same time.

We see how often wrong parameters are measured, or rather everything is measured, but then no one can understand the data.


We have experienced how difficult it is to evaluate data that different people have entered manually and based on their impressions.


We have been looking for the right tool for our customers until we created our own.


Every week at customers we see how the line staff writes down the data on paper. Then they copy it to Excel, and someone else overwrites this data once a week in a system that can't work in real-time. There are often several such systems in a large plant. We wanted to help them, so we developed DatICE.


Dominik Stupka,
ICE Industrial Services Head of Projects


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We will connect to each machine and line

We can use existing PLC machines, existing databases, or use our module for data collection. We have more than 70 programmers who can handle every situation.

We will mainly monitor data essential for the improvement of your production. We'll show you precisely what you need to evaluate. We will adjust the dashboard exactly to your requirements. Check out the demo.


You will have information from DatICE securely available on any device from the Cloud or your internal network.

Correct data.
The right decisions

One day of measurement and you will see the results of the comparison between shifts. Reveal unnecessary downtime. You can change a lot at the next morning’s meeting.


One week is enough to identify the causes of defects, evaluate downtimes and performance of individual machines.


One month after installation, DatICE will provide you with sufficient information to optimize the whole line. You will have the right basis for strategic decisions aimed at maximizing OEE.

In OEE metrics, we get you in the world-class!

We are specialists in industrial automation

We will help you solve the problems we find.


We have 11 offices throughout the Czech Republic. Our specialists will be with you in a moment.


We will create one team with you, and together we will find answers to the suggestions that we identify using DatICE.


Available on mobile and tablet

Maximum OEE growth


We will calculate the price for you

We do not offer one solution that fits everyone.


We need to identify your needs, motivation and orient ourselves in your technologies.

This will help us to design the best solution.


We guarantee a refund for the first month of operation if we do not find room for savings of at least 5%.